Starter Guide To Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

A few days ago, I came across beautiful patches of glitter heat transfer vinyl. Looking at them, several ideas came in my head to work with them. I knew for a fact that I had several an old, plain t-shirts lying around. So, this could jazz them up a little bit and give them a whole new look. Furthermore, you can find  different type of glitter vinyl too. Then we introduce starter guide to glitter heat transfer vinyl now.

Things you need to work with glitter heat transfer vinyl

1. Glitter heat transfer vinyl
Then, you need to get glitter vinyl of your choice to work with. You can choose in Seaart Shop For Various Glitter. There are S16 Korea glitter htvS6 China cheaper glitter HTV and also specail glitter camo pattern S24 series. All there are are heat transfer glitter vinyls for t-shirt. There are also a kind of glitter sticker which you can use on windows, car, mug…, It’s S66 series self adhesive glitter. 

After deciding the type of vinyl, decide how much you need. Then make sure the size of vinyl and your cutter is compatible. If you are working with vinyl for the first time though and don’t want to invest in a cutter just yet, then you can get ready in your desired vinyl type from Seaart. Then we can cut glitter designs for you from China.

2.  Graphic design

 A graphic design has to be created according to the specs of the garment that you want to press on to. Again, then you can use the ready to press patches here if you want to.

3.  Cutter

Use a cutter to make sure that the cuts are clean and the process is fast. If you think the blade of the cutter is a little blunt, you can add pressure and even can cut twice or thrice to make sure the job is done properly. Moreover, it will be easier to weed when the cuts are done properly. Make some test cuts to see that the settings are okay. Make sure that you mirror your image.  This step is easily missed and can lead to wastage.

4. Weeding tool
You the weeding tool to weed in a clean and fast way. Especially if the design is intricate.

5. Iron or heat press
Use a heat press to make the vinyl stick to the garment. Follow the instructions to press the garment properly. If you don’t have a heat press, you can use an iron too. Just make sure the steam function is not on when you use it.

6. Cotton t-shirts
A base garment on which you will press your vinyl. HTV sticks best on 100% cotton.


· Now, feed the glitter sheet into the cutter with the glitter (color) side facing down. Remember we cut the vinyl upside-down. This is the reason we mirrored the image. 

· When finish the cutting, weed out the excess material.

· Set the heat press according to the instruction given on it. if using the iron, set it on cotton. Pre-press the garment and then place the vinyl design on it. Press firmly for 15 to 20 seconds and apply the pressure evenly. 

· Peel the clear sheet off while its still hot. 

You can freshen up your wardrobe by using these ready to use patches of glitter HTV, or any other textured vinyl for that matter. Once you get a hang of the process, you will find it easy to work with heat vinyl.


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