Chameleon heat transfer vinyl

If you are seeking to make something eye-catching and colorful, chameleon heat transfer vinyl is a good choice. It is PU vinyl and shows a unique transfer effect. If the design requires multiple applications, you can use this without worry.

Chameleon heat transfer vinyl is especially sought after in making party outfits and kids clothing.

Characteristics of chameleon heat transfer vinyl

1. In the whole catalog of the heat transfer vinyl, the chameleon is probably the best charming htv.
2. The range of base colors and shades in this material is quite fantastic.
3. The true effect of every chameleon will be different. So the scope to experiment increases.  Do make sure to follow the instructions properly for best results.
4. Since it has a luxury finish to it, it is best suited for party attire.
5. It is hard-wearing and has a vibrant vinyl solution. So if you like to wash the cloth often, it can withstand multiple washes.
6. This vinyl cannot be layered.
7. The thickness is 90 micron for hot melt vinyl.

Sizes Available

There are two standard sizes available in the rolls in SEAART, 25M and 50M. With us you can get a total size of 60cm x 25m and 60cm x 50m. this will give you the total size that you can order from our site.

We recommend using this vinyl on cotton or polyester fabrics with a blend ratio of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly / Cotton Blends. For best after results with the finished product, use plain garments as base material. If the garment is with pattern already, it’s not easy stick the vinyl evenly and properly on it. Moreover, chameleon vinyl is a little transparent, so the pattern will show.

Cutter and heat press instructions 

Cut: Mirror Image
Temperature: 140℃ ~ 160℃
Time: 8 ~ 10 sec
Peel: Hot / Warm
Blade: 45°
Pressure: Medium
Layerable – NO
Wash: Wait at least 24 hours before first wash

Pro Tip:

Store the vinyl at room temperature i.e. temperature of 20 ± 5 °C, and humidity level of 35 ± 15%. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Please Note: Treat this article as your guidelines to know about and work with chameleon vinyl.  Test printing and cutting are always encouraged before actual work to make sure the settings are correct and minimal wastage happens. 
HTV products are not suitable for coated garments/fabrics or Nylon.


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