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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a material used in crafting and garment decoration that, when heated, adheres to fabrics, enabling the transfer of designs or patterns onto the surface.

DTF Film

DTF film, or Direct to Film, is a printing technique for garment decoration where designs are directly transferred onto a special film and then applied to fabrics through a heat transfer process.

Screen Print Film

Screen print film, employed in garment decoration, is a transparent sheet utilized in the screen printing process to produce stencils for transferring designs onto fabrics.

Transfer Film

Transfer film for the apparel industry, is a thin sheet (vinyl or PET) used to transfer a printed or cutted design to a fabric through various heat transfer methods.

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is a type of material with a reflective surface, often used in signage or apparel, that enhances visibility in low-light conditions by reflecting light back towards its source.

Sticker Vinyl

Sticker vinyl is a type of adhesive-backed material commonly used for creating stickers, decals, or labels, often applied to various surfaces for decorative or informative purposes.

Production Details

We manufacture heat transfer vinyl and other transfer new materials in house from the begainning and control whole procedures in our factory.


  • Quality control in all procedures consistently
  • Cost control to make us competetive price
  • Expert sales save your time and money

Customized Ability

  • Support OEM, ODM custom colors, sizes
  • Quick turnaround meets your efficient
  • 20 years heat transfer experience

“Seaart has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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