Three Different types of Siser Glitter HTV

We have covered the basics of glitter HTV in our blog “Starter Guide to glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl”. In that, we have discussed everything you need to work with glitter HTV and the short process of making a customized t-shirt with it. DO check it out to know the procedure. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of siser glitter HTV that are famous and readily available too. Siser glitter, siser sparkle and siser twinkle.

Color range141250+
ThicknessThinnest (120 microns)Thin (225 microns)Thickest (325)
Peel typeHot/ColdColdHot/Cold
CPSIA certifiedYYY
Application305°/medium pressure/15 sec305°/medium pressure/15 sec320°/medium pressure/20 sec
Laser friendlyYYY

These HTV can be applied either by iron or by a heat press. And one of the most asked questions about glitter HTV is whether it will shed glitter all over the place after being applied? The answer is – No, it won’t shed glitter after being applied.

Glitter, sparkle, and Twinkle can be applied to the same types of fabrics as well. Hence, we can use them on cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blends, and leather too.

According to the table above, all three are CPSIA certified. What it means is that these are safe to use for kids’ apparel. 

So what is the difference between these different types of siser glitter HTV?

Well, the biggest difference in the different types of siser glitter HTV is in how they look.

Siser Glitter is thick and has a textured, almost sandy, feel to it when it’s applied. It cannot be layered on itself but it can be layered on top of other HTV, for example on Easyweed. The color range it. comes in is 50+ which is very wide when compared against other glitter types. 
Sublimation is possible on Siser Glitter in White. This one is only possible on Siser Glitter and cannot be done on Sparkle or Twinkle. Similar quality you can find in Seaart is our S16 Korea Glitter Quality Vinyl

Siser Sparkle

Siser Sparkle is the thinnest glitter HTV among Siser glitter HTV. After application it has a super smooth feels to the touch. This is because the glittery particles are embedded in the vinyl. Siser Sparkle is the only glitter HTV that can be layered on top of itself. There is also a clear option in this one. What it means is that the clear glitter can be layered on top of a favorite color, which might not be available in this range itself. By doing this, a different look can be created. You can find similar S21 sparkle vinyl in Seaart shop. 

Siser Twinkle

Siser Twinkle is the falls somewhere in between the other two glitter types. It has a smooth finish and the glitter flakes are embedded in the vinyl. This might seem similar to Sparkle, but the glitter finish in Twinkle has reflective properties. Concerning thickness, it’s not as thin as Sparkle and not as thick as Glitter. It cannot be layered on itself.  But like the Glitter, it can be used as a top layer over Easyweed or other layerable HTV types. You can find similar S24 twinkle heat transfer vinyl in Seaart shop.


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