How to apply HTV on a Towel?

A gift well given is something the person will actually end up using in day-to-day life. A towel is one of such things. We all love to use good quality, unique towels in the kitchen and bathroom too. And if we can, display them tastefully as well. So today, we discuss how to apply HTV to a towel for yourself or as a custom gift.

Almost all people use 100% cotton towels but some towels do have blends too. So, to cover those types as well, we are taking a low-temperature, low application time HTV. 

ThermoFlex Low Temp Premium (Turbo Premium), and Hotmark Revolution Low Temp from Chemica works the same way when it comes to low temp and low time application. For choosing, it depends more on which color you would like to use for your customization.  Seaart S3 series HTV also works well in lower temperatures.

Steps to apply HTV on a Towel

Once the design has been decided, it needs to be cut and weeded properly. After you get ready with your design to apply, you just need to follow a few steps to neatly apply it.


The process of pressing HTV to a towel is very simple. The steps are similar to applying HTV on other garments.

1. Pre-press the area on the towel where you want your design. Pre-press is required to get rid of wrinkles and any residue moisture in the cloth.

2. Place the cut and weeded design at the correct position on the towel.

3. Now press the design at 320°F. This temperature is the highest temperature Thermoflex Low Temp Premium needs to be pressed for cotton garments.

4. Press the design with even heat and pressure all over the design for 3 seconds.

5. If using the Thermoflex Low Temp Premium, peel it when it is warm. DO so in a single clear motion.

And your very own customized towel is ready!


While choosing HTV, you need to consider the washing instructions that come with it. You will need to use the one that is suitable for tumble dry at least. As towels take time to dry without a drier.

Now, this is suitable for hot wash and tumble dry as well. But little fuzz may appear on and around the design because of the newness of the towel. But it won’t affect the design in any way.


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