Top 5 ideas to work with HTV

People always think of ideas to work with HTV. The options to choose and create with HTV are so many that if we sit down to make a list of them all, this article will end up being a little too long.Therefore, we have shortened it down to the 5 most popular ways HTV can be used in 2021 to keep up with the trends and keep the business coming.

Ideas to Work with HTV 

Written below is the list of top 5 ideas that found their little market in the pandemic.
1.  Masks
People have started wearing a face mask as a thing of daily use in this pandemic. Hence, businesses have found ways to make them stylish yet breathable. They have made them so that the kids will love to wear and flaunt them too. With all types of fun designs and writings on this little piece of cloth, the market has thrived. Masks are a new normal. Hence, this is a new domain for the vinyl business.  

2. Pajamas
As the lockdown got instated, people saw no need to wear movement restricting formals all day long. The clothing market saw a sudden shift in the shopping trends as more and more people sought to buy trendy, comfy loungewear and pajamas. We prefer the pajamas with playful, and simple vinyl designs. People are not going to forget the comfort of their pajamas so easily, hence, this trend seems to be here for a while. 

3. Sneakers

Comfortable sneakers have always been in fashion but in the pandemic, sneakers were bought more as the need for formal wear declined among people. The simplicity of sneakers is a perfect match with the vinyl customization. Then you see a lot vinyl customized sneakers. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

4.  Activewear
With gyms closed and people restricted to go out in parks for a run, people started working at home. This brought forth a big boom in activewear clothing demand. Then we can use vinyl on activewear to make it stylish. Big brands embellish their logos on activewear with HTV. And a boom in this category only means more business.   

5. Tshirts
Yes, you read it right. With all things considered, T-shirts  where one of the most bought clothing before, and it is still the same. It is also one of those clothes that have been customized for gifting or an event most often. Hence, it is never going to be too late or too risky to start with a t-shirt customization business. Especially now that people are. Shopping for stuff that is comfortable to wear all day at home. With a little bit of vinyl customization, the shirts go from a 5 to a 10 in a single press (see what I did there!). 

You can explore any of these ideas to work with HTV in 2021 to start with your projects or your new business too. All of these are easy and very much in demand right now.


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