Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl – the short guide to details

If in the heat transfer vinyl world your search is for a unique personality and more variety, then you should explore pattern heat transfer vinyl. This HTV has a huge variety to choose from and almost every month you can find new designs and patterns being added to it as well. Our stock comes in roll sizes of 50cm´25yards and in 50cm´50yards. They are also available in a variety of colors that you can check out at More than 100 different pattern heat transfer vinyl available for your htv bsuiness.

Pattern heat transfer vinyl is almost similar to any other HTV. We say almost because a few additional steps and products are needed when working with pattern HTV. The pattern HTV vinyl requires a  squeegee and a high tack mask, such as 850 or KTM, to expose the adhesive on the HTV.

So let us see what those steps are.

How to use pattern vinyl

1. The first main thing to keep in mind is when cutting the vinyl. When the design is ready to be cut, we will load the vinyl pattern side up in the cutter. 

2. There is no need to mirror the image when cutting. Therefore, cut the artwork right reading. 

3. Now carefully weed the material.

4. The high tack mask comes with a milky backing. When this backing is removed, only a clear adhesive sheet is left. So, after weeding, we take the clear high tack sheet and place it on the design with its sticky side down. The intention here is to make the design stick to the tack mask. Make sure no bubbles are trapped while placing it.

5. Now, with a squeegee, press down the high tack mask using gentle back and forth motion. If at this point, some air bubbles remain, carefully pop them out on the mask side using a hobby knife.

6. Now, we have to remove the liner of the pattern vinyl. So, we flip the design. The mask side facing down. Very carefully, remove the liner by holding the mask down with your hands. The vinyl adhesive is exposed now and the design is ready to be pressed onto the garment.

Temperature and Press instructions

This vinyl goes best with nylon since it can be pressed on low temperature. It also works well with cotton and polyester too. But for different materials, different temperature and time is recommended.

For pressing on cotton/polyester or cotton-poly blends, you can set the press temperature between the range of 266-320° F. Press the vinyl for 5seconds at 266°F and for 3 seconds at 320°F. 

When pressing on nylon, you should not skip the pre-press step. Hence, pre-press the garment for 5 seconds at 302°F and then again press the transfer for 5 seconds.

After pressing, the mask has to be removed. The pattern vinyl is hot peel, so the mask can be removed as soon as the transfer process is complete.


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