How to apply HTV To Glass

Glass painting is classic and as old as time. Since glass can conduct heat, You can apply stickers to it and then it became a real deal. Nowadays, people are inquiring more and more about HTV customized glass. So, in this blog, we will discuss how to apply HTV to glass. Let’s get start.

Materials Needed

· Heat Transfer Vinyl ( HTV)

· Vinyl Cutter and weeder

· Glass surface large enough for the design

· Towel

· Oven Mitt

· Teflon Sheet 

· Heat Press or iron


1) As a starting step done with every other HTV product, first create your design.

2) Then cut it using a mirror image via a cutter and then weed it.

3) The instructions on how to cut HTV can vary according to the different materials used.

4) Glassware is usually fragile and can break with heat application and pressure. So, make sure to use a towel to absorb the pressure and provide a cushion effect.

5) Once you weed the design, get the heat press ready and keep the towel etc within reach.

6) Set your heat press according to the temperature instructions given with the HTV material. 

7) Set the pressure of the heat press at zero. When using a clamshell heat-press, care has to be taken while closing the upper platen.

8) Now place the design onto the glass surface where you want it to adhere and cover with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper. Make sure that you wear oven mitts while handling the glass in the heat press. Remember, glass conducts heat very well and takes time to cool down.

9) Now, that the glass has been positioned, just let the upper plated gently rest onto the glass and let gravity do its work. Do not try to close the press handle down to its lock position. 

10) Give the HTV 5 seconds less than what it requires on a cloth to adhere properly. For example, if a glitter HTV is used, it will normally be pressed for 15 seconds. When applying it on glass, give it 10 seconds of full press time. It’ll be enough.

11) Now, peel the clear sheet off depending on whether the HTV used is a hot peel or a cold peel.

And that’s all the steps for how to apply HTV on glass. It does give a very fresh look to clear plain glass. Using these steps, you can create so many DIY glass projects like spicing up your plain photo frames or customizing your champaign and whiskey glasses, etc.


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