How to apply HTV on Clear Plastic Backpacks

Clear plastic backpacks are a very common accessory to have, especially if you have kids. They love keeping their colorful things in see though bags. And we love them for the time they save us as we can see right away all the things inside. So, it has a very practical usage where kids are concerned. But kids are not the only one using them. Since you can use HTV to decorate and personalize them, adults are buying them too. So, let’s see how to apply HTV on clear plastic bags and start to know how to apply HTV on clear plastic backpacks.

a bag applied HTV htv on clear plastic backpacks

What products can I use?

The plastic material of these bags is thin and easily melt away or get deform. So, we need an HTV with low application time and temperature. WALAKut Express and Thermoflex Turbo Low Temp have both these features. So, We recommend any of these two. Seaart S3 series HTV is also working in lower temeperature on plastic bags.
If you want to work with printable HTV, then we recommend Polyprintables 4036 Turbo Print or Siser Hi-5.. These vinyls have fast acting adhesives that need a minimal amount of heat. 

How to apply HTV on clear plastic bags?

The very first thing to do is to adjust the temperature and time settings of the heat press. The temperature of the heat press should be set to 250 F and the timer for 5 seconds. It is recommended to use a heat press with platen size of  6”x10” or smaller for application on the backpacks.

The process of pressing these is similar to pressing regular bags except one step. That is to use a Teflon sheet while pressing. Place a Teflon sheet in between the layers of plastic. Especially in a plastic handbag only have one layer on the press at a time.

Press instructions and settings

When applyinh HTV on a backpack, use a  Teflon pillow or any other cushion. It will be required to achieve appropriate pressure due to the zippers. 

Place the bag over the 6″x10″ platen. 

On the top platen, use a Teflon sheet or Teflon platen cover and press your transfer with firm pressure for 5 seconds at 250 degrees.

And if customising a hand bag, for example, a tote bag, place it over a 6”x10” platen. 

Place a Teflon pillow or any other cushion between the bag and the lower platen. 

It is necessary to use either a Teflon sheet or Teflon platen cover on your top platen as well in order to apply firm pressure and not cause deformation. 

Place your transfer and press with firm pressure for 5 seconds at 250 degrees.

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