All about Heat Sensitive Color Changing HTV



There are two kinds of color changing htv vinyls.  One is heat sensitive color change htv which color changes based on temperature and another is UV sensitive color change htv which color changes based on sunlight (UV) change.

1. Heat Sensitive Color Change HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

There are 4 color ways. Check online in our shop for more details. It would change colors when temperture changes. Quite amazing heat tranfser vinyl material.  

2. Sunlight UV Color Changes HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl

This Heat Sensitive Color Changing HTV comes under speciality HTV. It’s other name is FashionFlex light sensitive HTV. It changes colour when you expose it to UV rays or sunlightlight. The vinyl will change color during expose to the light. In many ways it is similar to ThermoFlex plus HTV. One of them being with its matte finish. It also soft to touch. Carrier seat is sticky and this heat transfer vinyl is very easy to cut and weed.

The designs made by Sun Light Sensitive Color Changing HTV remain plain white indoors and they change colors outdoors in the sunlight. Thus, it adds a very cool dimension and effect to the garments. It is not a stretchy heat transfer vinyl.

How to apply Heat Sensitive Color Changing HTV


· The process to start the application of this HTV is same as other HTV. So firstly, you have to prepare the temperature and time of your heat press. For this one, the full time needed to press is between 8 to 12 seconds. And the recommended pressure is 284°F – 302°F (140°C – 150°C).

· Next, pre-press the garment for 2-3 seconds to remove wrinkles and any residue moisture from it and get it ready for the application. You can take a garment that is composed of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or Cotton/Poly Blends.

· Then cut and weed your design very carefully and position it on the garment where you want to apply it. 

· Now, cover the positioned design with a Teflon sheet or parchment and press. Then Covering with Teflon or parchment sheet will make sure that the heat is evenly distributed and no scorching happens. Apply medium to firm pressure depending upon the garment and thickness. 

· Now after pressing comes peeling. It is hot peel. It means that the clear sheet has to be peeled off while still warm. It should be done in one, swift move from one corner to the other.

· To make the design last long and maintain the quality, wait for atleast 24 hours to wash it. Wash the garment inside-out in cold water and detergent. 

· You should avoid using bleach and direct iron after washing. 

For application on shiny polyester materials

Damp a cloth in rubbing alcohol. Rub it on the garment area where you want to apply the design. Now allow it to dry and then apply the HTV design. This process will make sure that the adhesive penetrates better into the garment. Thus, ensuring logivity and quality of the design.


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