How to Press Thermoflex Plus HTV



In this article, we will address yet another type of vinyl, Thermoflex Plus HTV. More precisely, how to press Thermoflex Plus HTV.

What is Thermoflex Plus HTV?

Thermoflex Plus heat transfer vinyl is a high-standard vinyl in the custom apparel decoration. It has a soft, matte finish. The range of colors that this is available in is also large. This vinyl comes in wider material rolls. It is PU base vinyl and is extremely durable.

So, let’s discuss Thermoflex plus vinyl.

How to press Thermoflex plus HTV?

Materials Required
Heat press
Thermoflec plus HTV


· First, to choose ahead is according to the size of your business. Once you get the address, you need to adjust its settings to work with it properly.

· Set the heat press temperature to 330°F and the press time to 15 seconds.

· After set the temperature and time, pre-press the t-shirt to get rid of any residual moisture and wrinkles. While doing that, also adjust the pressure. Most heat presses have a knob to do that.

· For Thermoflex Plus HTV, medium pressure is a recommendation. Now you need to cut your Thermoflex design using an HTV cutter or get them ready to use for you via third-party businesses. Cutting Thermoflex HTV is a very similar process that is followed in other types of HTV materials.

· Now, thread the t-shirt and properly align it to do the HTV application. A heat press ruler can be used to align the garment properly. By placing the curved part of the ruler on the collar, the center of the garment can be found.

· After deciding where to place the design, place the design on the garment and press it.

· If the design is a single-layer application, then press for full 15 minutes. However, in the case of multiple layers, Press each layer for 3 seconds and press the last one for full 15 seconds. For increased durability, you can cover it with a Teflon sheet and repress it for another 10 seconds.

· Lastly, after pressing comes peeling. You can peel it warm or cold. Peeling it while it’s warm is easier. However, for consistent results, you should allow the application to cool down for 10 seconds and then peel it. Do it in a quick, and fluid motion from one corner to the opposite. In a multiple-layer application, you need to peel the clear sheet every single time.

· Now that the peeling has been done, your Thermoflex Plus HTV design application is complete. For better results, wait for at least 24 hours before wearing or washing the garment. You should wash the garment inside-out.

We hope you got to know a lot about how to press Thermoflex Plus HTV in this article. For more information On HTV and other things related to it, you can read our other blogs at  If you want to buy similar quality, quite cost effective HTV, you can check in Seaart heat transfer shop for many similar heat transfer vinyls. 


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