Applying HTV To A Shower Curtain

Any HTV that adheres well to polyester and works well with surfaces or clothes. These clothes are damp most of the time during shower. However, some shower curtains claim to be 100% waterproof on top of being polyester. Since they are 100% waterproof, it means it coats polyester. So, for this reason not all HTV will adhere properly to this kind of surface. For such curtains, used Hotmark Revolution By Chemica. When applying HTV a shower curtain we have to make sure to choose an HTV that will adhere well with polyester and Hotmark Revolution is a universal PU vinyl. It adheres well to almost all kinds of materials and surfaces. Let’s discuss some of its advantages.

Advantages of Hotmark Revolution:

· It’s a universal heat transferable vinyl that adheres to cotton, polyester, poly. That’s not all. It works well with cotton blends, nylon, and acrylics too.

· It is soft to feel and flexible.

· This vinyl is easy to cut and weed when working with small, intricate designs.

· Application time is quick

· It needs low temperature pressing, and is hot or cold peel

· You can layer it

The shower curtain that we used was a coated polyester 100% waterproof curtain. Then Use Hence Hotmark Revolution vinyl. 

Steps on Applying HTV To A Shower Curtain

The procedure of applying heat vinyl on shower curtain is mostly same as applying it on any garment. You can however make some adjustments on the pressing time and pressure depending upon the vinyl and shower quality used.

1) To start and create your design or art work in vector form. Once you’re sending it into the cutter make sure that you are formatting the design in the reverse. 

2) Every vinyl material has its cut directions. Then make sure to set cut reference of the cutter accordingly. You can find these settings for cut force, blade angle, etc. on various websites.

3) Once all the designs are cut, the excess material must be weeded away. We have to make sure that the weeding is done without lifting the design off the liner.

4) Now after cutting and weeding, then place the design in the desired position on the curtain. If the curtain has a waterproof polyester coating on it press it at 230° for five seconds. And if the design is too big, present for seven seconds.

5) Peel the liner away carefully after it cools down.

And that’s it! Your customised shower curtain is ready to be used. This will definitely brighten your bathroom and make bath time fun time for kids and family.


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