Glow in the dark and Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Some time ago we wrote an article discussing the usage of glow-in-the-dark HTV in HTV for Home décor and a piece of reflective heat transfer vinyl and their different types. Now, we will discuss further Glow-in-the-dark and Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl. Especially since October is just a month away! 

What are Glow-in-the-dark and Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl?

As the name of the vinyl suggests, the glow-in-the-dark vinyl glows when put in the dark after being exposed to sunlight or white light. This is used in home décor and kids apparel mostly. Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl reflects the light that shines on it. this is mostly used in activewear and high-risk job uniforms like security, construction workers, etc.

Let’s find out their types and features.

Siser Glow in the Dark EasyWeed

Want a heat transfer vinyl that’s perfect for decorating clothes? Siser glow in the dark Easyweed is the vinyl you need. Just like the normal Easyweed, it has the same benefits. In the daytime, it appears white like the normal easy weed. However, at night time, the becomes luminous green. The longer it gets to absorb the light, the longer and better it’ll glow in the darkness. If you want some cost effective glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl, seaart is definately your good choice. 

This heat transfer vinyl is ideal for decorating costumes and holiday t-shirts. It’s perfect for use in children’s Halloween costumes! Glow in the Dark EasyWeed has the same benefits as normal EasyWeed. It appears as a white material in the daytime, almost looking identical to white EasyWeed. However, when exposed to darkness, it will provide a luminous, glowing green look! Also, note that it will glow more effectively the longer it has been exposed to light.

Seaart S8 High Brightness Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

This heat transfer vinyl is the perfect choice for customizing clothes and things that need nighttime visibility and brilliance. It is especially good for making spooky home décor during Halloween as it does not glow all the time but reflects off any light that falls on it. It’s also beneficial to create increased visibility on sports garments, pet clothes, or construction crew uniforms.

It features very small glass beads embedded in the material to help produce optimal white reflectability when exposed to bright light. When exposed to light, it will produce a white reflective look.

Seaart S2 Glow In Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

This heat transfer vinyl has got it all in one. It is luminous in the dark, it is easy to weed, It is fade resistant and easy to wash. This hot selling product on amazon comes in multiple colors too! Glow in the dark in different colors just makes DIY projects and Halloween costumes so much more worth it. And why just apparel?

With color options other than green or blue, people customize all sorts of things. For example, just as cyclists use reflective vinyl on their clothes, they can put it on their bicycles tires for a fun glow effect in the dark ideal for high nighttime visibility.

So order your vinyl today and try out the interesting DIYs this Halloween.  


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