How to Remove HTV Vinyl From Shirts

Throughout multiple blogs, we have discussed a lot about different ways to apply heat transfer vinyl on shirts. But sometimes while applying, we make some mistakes too. Well, to er is human, isn’t it? SO, what to do when a slip-up happens while HTV application? How to remove HTV vinyl from shirts in such cases?

Let’s find out.

You can get an HTV remover solution online on any store that has HTV products. Now let’s see how to use this solvent.

How to Remove HTV Vinyl From Shirts  and use HTV Remover:

1. Firstly, start by turning the garment inside out.

2. Now get the garment wet with the solvent. But first, we recommend doing a swatch test.

3. Put the remover on a corner of your shirt to make sure the color of the garment does not fade away because of the remover.

4. Now, after the swatch test, apply the remover to the area that you want to remove.

5. The adhesive side of the vinyl to be removed would get soaked well with the remover. This was the purpose of turning the shirt inside-out. Hence, the remover will reach the underside of the vinyl. 

6. After applying the remover on the underside of the vinyl, flip the shirt back to normal so that it is no longer inside out.

7. This step is important to loosen up the adhesive of the HTV. Stretch the garment around the vinyl you want to remove in 4 different directions.

8. Lastly, carefully peel the vinyl off the garment immediately after stretching the garment.

Tips when removing iron on HTV

· The remover meant for HTV will remove only heat-applied types of vinyl.

· Some residue marks may remain where you pressed the vinyl originally.

· Once the garment is completely dry, you can apply a new design over the removed vinyl. Doing this will also coverup the residue marks,

· We strictly recommend wearing gloves while using HTV remover.


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