Know your Steps to Apply HTV to Pillow Cases and Blankets

A wide variety of pillow cases and blankets are available in the market. But those don’t really have a personal touch or meaning. However, did you know that you can customise your pillow cases and blankets with HTV at home too? Depending on the color and texture of the cloth to be personalised, you can choose from the ocean of HTV materials and colors to customise. Now you might ask, how to apply HTV to pillow cases and blankets? Well, in this article, we will cover all the steps to DIYing your way to personalised pillow covers, etc. Let’s start to know your steps to apply HTV to pillow cases and blankets

Best practices to apply HTV to Pillow Cases and Blankets

The procedure to follow while customising pillow cases and blankets is same. The only thing different will be the area of the garment and the design size. Here are the steps that you need to follow to apply HTV to your pillow cases and blankets.

STEPS to apply HTV to pillow cases and blankets:

1. Always pre-press the pillow case or bedsheet to remove wrinkles and moisture from it. Make sure to do this if the product is brand new.

2. Keep in mind the dimensions of your garment while deciding on the design. It becomes difficult to adjust the design later on if it’s bigger than the piece. It’s equally difficult to place it well when it is very small compared to the space needed to be covered.

3. Now that the design is cut, weeded and decided where to be pressed, It’s time to press it on to the pillow case.

4. You can follow the instructions that come with your heat transfer vinyl regarding press temperature, time and pressure. You can find an article on our site with 

5. Be aware of the material of the pillow case you are pressing. Sometimes the fabric is such that the layers  of the pillow case stick together when pressed. So you can pull apart the layers to separate them after pressing the design on them.

6. While pressing blankets, you can tackle a little area at a time being careful not to make a crease between or damage the design while pressing.

7. Now stuff those pillow cases and add a unique personality to your home space!

You can find many cool DIY ideas to do with pillow cases and blankets online and can shop on for your HTV needs. You can read our blogs to find out how to work with the different types of heat transfer vinyl and make your DIY plans a reality.


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