HTV for Home Décor

HTV for Home Decore? Might sound a little weird right? But let’s try and think out of the norm for a second and see the possibilities.

Why HTV for home décor? 
The only cloth we use around in not just T-Shirts and garments. We use cloth in cushion covers, blankets, place mats, curtains, dish towel etc. On top of this, then we can use HTV on surfaces like wood, canvas, glass, burlap too.
But with each new surface, the settings and rules to apply the vinyl may differ, so always make sure that you test a little patch before applying the whole design and purchase some extra for the sake of it.

If you have an artistic mind and you want to decorate your home in a simply unique way that no other has, then using HTV can be your best.
We can use the wide variety of textures and range of colors to create spaces that appeal to the different moods.

*They make for very unique gifting range

For example, a designer friend of mine made cute little cushion covers for her kid’s birthday made of HTV pasted on the material. The base material was very fine and the HTV options used were different. So, she had something that appealed to everyone. The glitter HTV for the bling lovers, the plain ones for the ones who like to keep it simple, and then the soft metallic ones by almost everyone.

à Wooden plaques that say everything

You can even paste HTV on wood and create pieces like signs and plaques with quirky quotes and one-liners written on it to make the space livelier. Just create the template of your slogan on the digital cutter according to the surface you have where you will paste it. Once the template is ready just cut it with the tool and paste it using the press. If it does not fit under the press in one go, you can do it in sections. Just make sure that you are pressing the sections with same time and weight.

Use glow in the dark HTV to decorate kids’ space and make it more interesting for them

Kids are always mesmerized with things that glow. Not only does it add visual aesthetics to the room but it helps them sleep well at night too. For this purpose, the glow-in-dark heat vinyl is the best bet. Make them glowing pillow cases or little decorations like stars, or make t-shirt cutouts from this particular type of vinyl. The kids will absolutely fall in love.

Make custom Curtains, sheets, towels and more… 

Customize kitchen towels, shower curtains and bedsheets too. Have some fun with your imagination and keep making unique stuff along the way.

The best thing about using vinyl for home decor is that it opens up numerous possibilities to expand the menu of customizable items. Using HTV for home decor will add a fresh touch to the plain, old cloth and wood.


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