Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Nowadays no limitation to use reflective heat transfer vinyl for roadside workers or security and health personnel. The trend to wear it is on a rise. Apart from the security apparel, you can find on athleisure, street apparel and more. Hence, to serve the growing trend, the variety has also increased. Listed below are some of the popular reflective heat transfer vinyl that you can use to create big brand-like high-end looks. Read them to know which one will be best for your next project.

1. High Brightness Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl
Retroreflective technology is available in the brightest colours pallet options. This is best for markets from sportswear, safety-wear, to fashion and more. With high brightness reflective heat vinyl you can achieve premium reflective look that is not just restricted to the safety grey. Hence, if you are aiming for a high-end, high value finished look, go for this one.
Definitely use this when you want to make high quality ANSI approved, retroreflective performance wear for safety regulated markets. This one is ideal for high-visibility apparel needs, notably at night.

2. Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl
If you are trying to make a look that is new, and revolutionary, you need to go for rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl. Rainbow HTV is made from backing material of TPU and PES. This is a very versatile material. It is best for fashion and safety purposes.  Recently, apart from the clothing industry, we have seen its bold use in shoes, and bags too.

3. Various Colors Reflective
People can use other simple reflective colors in sophisticated things. For example, logo designing. Since it is not an affordable or a practical option to screen-print the reflective logo, the job becomes easy and affordable with the cuttable HTV materials. Just Cut the design into the reflective logo and heat press. Always make sure to follow the instruction to press and wash these.

4. Glow-in-dark reflective HTV
This is another HTV that is especially used in the night clothing. It is not very reflective but, reflective enough in a totally dark room to make it look creepy or beautiful depending upon the designs made with it. Some examples of things made with this material are kids clothing, Halloween clothing, Stars and other decorations for the kids etc. This is especially in demand during the Halloween season to make the ghost costumes and masks with it.

Depending on the reflectivity of the material, it can used for day wear or night apparel. This HTV is a unique one with expert reflectivity of 40 to 60 cd/lx/m². However, Rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl should not be used for fireproof clothing and webbing. This HTV can catch fire unlike other ones.
Different types of reflective HTVs have different instruction for heat and pressure application. How and when to wash them is also important to note. You must follow the instruction provided with the material for best results.


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