How to Use HTV

This is a basic question – How to use HTV? Can we use iron on vinyl? But first, it is important to have the answers to some other questions to decide on some stuff is crucial. For example, the scope of your business. Are you aiming for retail or as a wholesale supplier of customized goods?
The answer to this will tell you how much stock you need and what kind of cutting and pressing hardware you need as well.
Then comes how to Use HTV.

So, How to use HTV?

Some basic steps involved to use HTV are:
      * Cut
      * Weed
      * Apply

Cutting the HTV

In order to use the vinyl, the desired design must be cut into the material. A vinyl cutter is used. To use it, a cut file is prepared as an input to the cutting software like signmaster. Cutting file contains the design to be put on the garment. The most common cut file type is .SVG. some other can be .Studio, .png, .dxf or .jpg. this depends on the software. After this, the surface that the design is to be put on, is measured. The HTV is loaded into the cutting machine. The carrier sheet on the HTV will be face-down. The design should be mirror image. The type of HTV and the cutter will decide the cut settings. Now, just cut! You must get a easy to cut HTV with stretchy and also easy to cut. Some materials is suitalble for laser cutting only, be careful and get the htv with plotter cutting.  If you want know more about different of HTV, check with SEAART. 

Weeding the HTV

Weeding is removing the excess material from the final design after it is cut. A sharp weeder can be used for this. Keep peeling small bit until there’s just the perfect design left. Then use a hook to grab the excess part of the vinyl. You can start by first removing around the design and then removing from between the letters and other intricate parts. You must use HTV that is easy to weed, bad HTV is really not easy to weed. Seaart HTV is quite good to easyweed.

Applying the HTV – Iron on HTV

Now that the HTV is weeded, it’s time to apply it. for this you can use:

Heat press – it’s the largest and an expensive machine and is mostly used by businesses that produce in bulk. Use it by placing the garment between the pattens and apply firm and even pressure of the clamping mechanism to adhere the design. Even pressure is important for applying the HTV neatly, and this is easily achieved with heat press. 

o Iron – if you are a DIY artist and doing it for personal experience then a home iron is what you can use. Heat and pressure is all you need to activate the adhesive on the HTV. Both are achievable with an iron. Just make sure that enough and even pressure is applied or the HTV design can come off after one wash only. Put the iron on the cotton setting and turn the steam off. Now, keep the design on the surface with the clear plastic sheet on top so the design reads correctly. Apply pressure for 10-20 seconds. The amount of heat, time and pressure vary with different HTV material. Glitter might take a little longer. After the patch cools down, you can peel the carrier sheet off slowly. Some material is warm peel and more quick.

The adhesive should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before washing. To be safe, wash inside-out. Now you know how easy working with HTV is. Just follow the instruction and customize away. HTV is developped more better and easier to use and even no problem to washing many times. Check more if any questions with Seaart who  is an 20 years professional supplier on heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for clothing. 


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