Advantages of Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

The number 1 thing to consider before getting started with a T-Shirt printing business is to weigh its advantages. No model works successfully until it has some pros and generates something for you as well. There are many advantages of using heat transfer vinyl instead of other stuff. Let’s start discussing them in detail.

Advantages of using heat transfer vinyl

So, what are advantages that make it worth to work with heat transfer vinyl?

Abundant customizable options are available

With so many options available in both the HTV and base garments, the possibility of creating are practically endless. A new type of base garment and a new type of complimenting vinyl patch on top. Or a Vinyl patch on some other part of the garment or all over. Changing colors, changing patterns, changing vinyl type. You will create something new with every new combination. It is a big field of clothing materials to let your imagination run wild.

Getting started with it is easy

All you need to get started with this business line is a stock of vinyl and clothing garments, heat press, a good cutter, and you are set to begin. There isn’t much you need in terms of experience when it comes to working with the hardware. Basic knowledge suffices to get started. All you need is a good artistic eye for finding great material/color combinations and designs.

The end cost is very less

From production point of view, good quality machine will work consistently for a long time. Its productivity rate will also be very good. Considering all the production that can be done with just investing in good cutters and press, it proves to be less burdensome on the pocket in the long run.

From a customer’s point of view, if you are ordering custom made merchandise, getting the heat transfer vinyl t-shirts will be less costly than getting them printed for sure.

The process of working with it is clean

Imagine getting involved with all the ink in the process of printing the T-shirts. Yes, not only is it messy for you, it is messy for the machine as well. And if that ink somehow spills on the machine, you have to get ready for a repair work. Whereas, in HTV, it’s just a digital cutter, cutting the piece for you and a heat press, sticking the patch. There is no messy situation involved here.

High quality results are easily achievable

Since it is a process with no mess and many options, high quality results are easily achieved. Many vinyl colors and textures can be easily and cleanly combined in order to make one patch or design. The application is also hassle free.

To conclude, In comparison to the cons, the pros of heat transfer vinyl are many. In truth there aren’t many disadvantages to using it. The results are of better quality, and quantity. Numerous options are available as well. Cutting and pasting is done by machine, so chances of mistakes and product wastage is very minimal too. All you need is some artistic inspiration and a little research on the material.


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