Basics of Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl




If you want to add a soft texture to your garments, Flock heat transfer vinyl is the great way to do it. Flock heat tranfer vinyl adds a matt finish with a smooth faux suede look. It is capable of holding the color for a long time. It is a perfect replacement of embroidery and is easy to cut, weed and apply.  It comes in a multiple colors and patterns too. Then lets know the basics of flock heat transfer vinyl.

How to apply flock HTV with a heat press?

Flock HTV Instructions for Heat Press Application

· Firstly, create the design and set the heat press to mirror in your design space. We mirror the design to keep it right side up as we have to flip the placement for applying heat pressure to it.

· Make sure that the dull side of the flock vinyl patch is always facing up during cutting. So, the plastic PET side should be down on your mat.

· Now, cut your design and weed the excess vinyl carefully. Pay attention, just blade is very little is enogh. If deep blade, it would make the flock uneven edge. 

· Place the base garment on the heat press and pre=press to get the excess moisture out.

· Then, put your vinyl design in the area you want it to stick.

· Finally, place a cover sheet, preferably a teflon paper or parchment paper, over your design and press with medium pressure at 300°F – 315°F for 15 seconds.

· Now, open the press and allow the design to cool.

· Remove the garment from the press and cold peel application sheet in a single pull for best results.

How to apply flock HTV with iron?

Flock HTV Instruction for Hand Iron Application

· Keep the settings of the cutting machine same. That is to mirror and cut the design into the vinyl by placing it the same way as described in above points.

· Weed the vinyl carefully.

· Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen. That is usually the highest temperature setting. This also depends on the item being pressed. Make sure the steam function is off.

· Place the garment on flat hard surface. You can use wooden surface as iron board is not recommended.

· Place a cover sheet preferably a Teflon paper or parchment paper, over your design and press iron with firm pressure straight down for 30 to 60 seconds.

· Try not to use the sliding motion for pressing but press it down with enough weight on all of the surface for equal amount of time.

· Then allow design to cool for a few seconds and cold peel application sheet in a single pull for best results.

Pro Tip: If  you see that the design lifts up during cold peel process, you can re-press the design area with a cover sheet for 10 more seconds.

Material Recommendations

· All the base materials used should be polyester or cotton. Then flock HTV won’t stick on nylon materials.

· It can be 50% cotton / 50% polyestertoo

Care Instructions

· For best care then, it is suggested to wait for 24 to 48 hours before washing the garment.

· You can turn the garment insie-out for washing it.

· Then you can dry on low setting or hang dry item for best care.

· Don’t use chlorine bleach. Basics of flock heat transfer vinyl.

Flock HTV is not recommended for a multiple layered design or multiple-layer application.


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