How to import vinyl from China



For a new vinyl business, getting the knowledge of how to import vinyl from China or other places can be difficult. China has now become a hotspot for vinyl production. Thus, importing from China is proving to be a great tactic for vinyl businesses all around the world.

But, importing vinyl can be extremely complex, especially for a new importer. Many times, the delivery costs and timing fluctuate beyond control and result in reduced profits.

Discussed below is a basic step by step guide on how to import vinyl from China.

Steps to import vinyl from China

1. You must know your importing rights
Whether you are importing as an individual or as a business, before importing commercial goods into the country, you must know if you have rights to import. Different countries have different criteria that we need to follow so to be able to import. You must do your country and case specific research. 

2. You must be clear about the goods you want to import
You must choose correct products for resell in order to become a successful importer. Understand that your products define your business. In fact, your products are your business. So, choose a product that you have some knowledge about and that can sell well. Legal restrictions and logistics come into play as well. It is a requirement to gather as much knowledge about the product as possible. For example, classification, tariff rate, duty charge, etc.

3. You country should allow you to import the goods.
Certain goods have no permission to be imported. These goods are different in different countries. Hence, it is your responsibility to assure that whether your imported goods are subject to any regulations or not. Luckily, vinyl is a normal garment accessoires and allowed almost in all countries.

4. You need to check goods classification properly to know the landing cost
You can do this step by determining the 10-digit tariff classification number of each item that you would import. Along with this number, a certificate of origin is used to know the other expenses like duty charge, taxes, freight. Then calculate the landing cost correctly.

5. Most importantly, find a reliable vinyl supplier in China and place an order
Identify the shipping terms that will be used and then place your order with the vendor, shipper or exporter. Then you must request a proforma invoice. This sheet will have the details like harmonized system number, description & value per item, weight & the packed dimensions as well as your term of purchase. If you find a good vinyl supplier like Seaart, you would save a lot of time and money. 

6. Cargo transport
Different costs are incurred when shipping goods like container fee, packing, terminal handling, broker fee, etc. To get a clear picture of the cargo fee, these factors should be accounted for. Consider delays in the expected delivery and choose a good freight forwarder partner. If small order, use express like Fedex, UPS, DHL, they would arrive normally within 1 week. If large amount, better to go by boat, takes 30 days normally, but much cheaper. Vinyl is a kind of heavy goods, freight is high to send express. 

7. Tracking the shipment
Goods shipped by boat from China usually take 14 days to reach west coast of U.S. and 30 days to reach east coast. There are also 14days for the factory production time and load time in China port usually. The consignee is notified via an arrival notice with 5 days of port arrival. On arrival, the importer files entry documents. These documents are bills of purchase, packaging list, etc.

8. Receive the shipment
Make arraignment for the customs broker to clear the goods when they arrive. After that, you can pick your shipment up. After receiving, send an email to your supplier of the successful receipt of goods.


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