How to apply rhinestone heat transfer vinyl



Are you a bling lover? Then Rhinestone heat transfer Vinyl is the perfect vinyl for you. It is a very cool way to add some shine and dazzle to your plain wardrobe or to give a new life to that boring T-shirt. You can get pre-designed and pre-cut patches of rhinestone vinyl, or you can get a sheet and make your custom designs as well. The instructions on how to apply rhinestone heat transfer vinyl are just a little different. Let’s discuss how to apply rhinestone HTV.

How to apply rhinestone heat transfer vinyl?

To apply rhinestone vinyl, you need to follow certain instructions and a few steps.

1. Firstly, you need to set the temperature of your heat press at 327°F and pre-heat it for a few seconds.

2. Then, you need to place the T-shirt on the bottom pad of the press and pre-press the garment to get rid of any moisture in it.

3. Thirdly you need to know that rhinestone vinyl has two sides. One is the white backing and the other is the clear screen. The clear sheet side has the rhinestones pattern on it. So, you need to peel off the white backing and place the clear sheet on the pre-pressed garment. Line the patch up at the position you want it to stick.

4. Finally, press it for 10-15 seconds and apply medium to heavy pressure. Make sure the heat and pressure are both applied evenly and for enough time so that the patch bonds with the garment.

It is important to know that the clear sheet on the rhinestones should be removed when the T-Shirt is nice, and cold to the touch. So, always wait the garment to cool down and then remove the sheet. Peel it slowly from corner to corner.

Now you have a customized shirt that is as cooler and adds that extra oomph to your style statement. You can also get your own custom-made rhinestone designs to use on the clothes. There are companies and suppliers that make custom rhinestone transfers from scratch as per your need using the templates. So, all you have to do is get your custom patch and apply it according to the steps discussed above. Seaart is one of the factories to make rhinesotne transfers from 20 years ago. 

Pro-tip: For best after-care of the finished product, we advise to wait for at least 24-48 hours before washing it. Also, it is a good practice to wash it inside-out. Do not tumble dry or heat dry. You can hang-dry the garments.

But there are many tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make your own custom patch of rhinestone artwork from scratch too. 


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