Soft Metallic Vinyl Usage For Designing



Soft metallic heat transfer vinyl is probably the most elegant material out there for dress/logo designing. We say this because broadly speaking, there are two kinds of customers. Ones, who like statement-making fashion. They are not afraid to wear and flaunt the bling. Then, there are those who like simpler fashion. They always pick simple tones and designs. They don’t like too much shine and bling to their stuff. to know the soft metallic vinyl usage for designing.

Soft metallic vinyl is something that fits both categories. As the name explains, it is metallic but softer. It’s not too loud but not that silent either. There are shinny and also matte surface options. There are high stretchy soft metallic vinyl which is suggested to cut by laser. Small plotter would be better to use not so much stretchy soft metallic vinyl.

Instructions for using heat press on soft metallic vinyl

o First of all, create your design. The design space settings should be on the mirror.

o While cutting the vinyl, the white-back sheet part should be facing upwards.

o Now cut the vinyl and weed out the excess.

o The design would remain on a clean sheet after cutting and weeding. The clear sheet(transparent sheet) side should face up while placing it on the garment for pressing.

o Prepare your heat-press by pre-heating it and then pre-press your garment to remove any remaining moisture.

o Now place the design on the garment and cover the design with Teflon or parchment paper. Press it at 300°F – 315°F for 15 seconds using medium pressure.

o Lastly, open the press and peel the application sheet in one go when it has cooled down for best results.

Instructions for using Hand Iron

o Follow the same instructions for creating the design, cutting, and weeding.

o Depending on the item you are pressing, set the iron dial between cotton and linen.

o Place the garment on a flat, hard surface. Using an iron board is not recommended.

o Do not use the steam function of the press as it will bring moisture to the garment.

o Noe place the design over the garment after pre-pressing it and cover it with a Teflon or parchment paper.

o Iron while applying the pressure straight down. Depending on the item, press for 30 to 60 seconds. The motion should not be sliding.

o Let the garment cool down, then peel the application sheet off in one go for the best results.

o Pro-tip: if the design lifts up during the peeling process, re-press the area with the cover sheet for 10 seconds.

Some Recommendations and Instructions

Soft metallic HTV works best on certain materials that we recommend. Materials like cotton, polyester, Lycra, Spandex and a cotton-polyester mix work best with HTV. It does not work on Nylon. 

For the best after-care of the garments, wait for 24-48 hours before washing and wash them inside-out. Use the dryer on low or best, hang dry the product for beat care. Do not use chlorine bleach.


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