Basics of Siser Brick HTV

Firstly, before going to the siser brick HTV, a question comes. Where exactly did the siser vinyl originate? Widely produced by Siser, North America, whenever a new custom material request like a new color, etc, comes that is not there in the line already, the team goes to the OG. Vincenza, Italy is the home to the “original” siser. Let’s start to know basics of Siser brick HTV.

Now, what is siser brick HTV?

Siser Brick Vinyl is a thick and sturdy material, intended to make a statement with its 3-dimensional look and feel. This type of vinyl is great to use for shirts, caps, & bags. Brick Vinyl comes in 7 different colors. These colors are white, black, yellow, red, navy blue, royal blue, & green.  As an option, you can also choose Seaart 3D brick HTV vinyl, it’s much more cheaper, but even more dimensional than siser brick. It’s 1mm thickness with two layers color ways. You can use laser to engrave top layer and make a two color way brick logos. Also it’s 17 colors available. Much more than Siser brick. 

Both Siser Brick and Seaart Brick are a great way to add some dimension to your logo to get it to pop. Siser Brick is 600 microns thick, almost 7 times thicker than regular Siser Easyweed, which is 90 microns thick. Seaart Brick is 1000 microns thick, almost 10 times thicker than regular vinyl.

Since it is a thick material, it may not be the best option for super intricate details as the weeding will be very difficult for those small, intricate designs. It’s suggested to use laser cutting for such brick material. 

Usage Instructions

o As the material is thick, you need to configure the settings of your cutting tool. For example, the Heat Transfer, Flocked for Cameo, or Cardstock Light for Cricut set to cut. 

o Keep the pressure/force high. Cut the design in reverse.

o After the design has been created and cut, weed the excess material. 

o Keep your heat press ready by pre-heating it at 311°F. 

o Pre-press the garment to remove any moisture and get it warmed up.

o Now place the design on the garment and press it using medium to firm pressure for 20 seconds.

o Let the garment cool down and then peel the carrier when cold.

Cutting and Pressing instructions on the Siser brick vinyl

The material comes with the following instructions:

Temperature      311 F
TimeTack design for 10 s (face side) Turn inside out and press again for 20 s
PeelPeel Cold
PressureMedium Pressure
CutCut in reverse

You can also try something else to make sure your design sticks no matter what. Press the design on the garment for 10 seconds at 311°. Then let it cool down completely and peel. After peeling, turn the garment inside out and press it for 20 seconds more. You will see the results.


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