How to Press Siser Easyweed HTV
how to press siser easyweed HTV

The very fundamental question in the heat transfer vinyl business is how to heat press the HTV. There are various sources that have the step-by-step tutorial on the process. They also have one instruction in common. Follow the instruction that come with your vinyl. Heat pressing is a very easy and painless process if you follow the given instruction carefully and correctly. Although these instructions are slightly different for different materials. Therefore, it is all the more important to follow them correctly. In this article, we will give you a step by step walk-through of how to press Siser Easyweed HTV.

Materials you will need:

· Heat press

· Siser easyweed HTV or similar qulaity easyweed HTV

· T-Shirt

How to press siser easyweed HTV

· The very first step is to swtich on your heat press and adjust its setting according to the easyweed type you are going to use. Use the switch that is at the back of to switch it on. Once done, adjust the settings of temperature and time that is needed. For Siser Easyweed, the press settings usually are 305°F for 15 seconds. For Other easyweed HTV like our S9 series vinyl use 285°F for 10 seconds. 

· After the temperature and time settings are takien care of, the next setting is pressure. This can be done while we prepare the garment with a pre-press. The knob on the press can be turned right to increase it or left to decrease it. For Siser Easyweed, a medium pressure is usually recommended. Now thread your t-shirt and pre-press to get rid of any wrinkles or moisture.

· Siser easy weed come in many types, like easyweed stretch, easyweed electric, easyweed metal, etc. the time for the first two is generally the same but the easyweed metal. You can find similar material in seaart shop for all kind of easyweed vinyls like soft metallic vinyl.

· So, for pressing the design, it is a good practice to follow the instruction that come with the material. If a single layer is being done, press it for full time. In case of multi-layer design, press every individual layer part for 1 second and the final part for the full duration.

· Siser easyweed is hot peel. It means that you are supposed to take of the transfer sheet as soon as you are done pressing. It has to be done in a single fluid motion from one corner to the opposite. In multiple layer, the sheet will be peeled after every single press. All seaart vinyls for t-shirts are all hot peel and it saves a lot of time in production. 

· After peeling, wait for atleast 24 hours to either wear or wash the shirt. Wash it inside-out for best results.

SO, this was a short tutorial on how to press siser easyweed HTV. You can always read our other blogs at for more information about heat transfer vinyl.

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